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An Apology About the Seder

My son, John, made it to the seder. He had to interview a witness who was flying into California for the purpose, so any evil thoughts I may have entertained, were founded on fears and misapprehensions. I was wrong....probably, wrong, again. I suppose I could have simply edited my comments, but I didn't because I wanted to remind myself that I could certainly be wrong, anytime.

The seder was a family event and not an occasion for prayer, as we were celebrating tradition and recognizing what we owe to our parents and their parents, and the framework that their Jewish faith gave them, and still gives us today. I had the chance to tell Samantha about the plagues, and to recount the celebration of freedom, and to mention that I was concerned that the Palestinians achieve their statehood, but I didn't focus on the many, many complications. The celebrants went down to 15 months!

I made the Charoses from an old Ashkenazic recipe and a modified Greek (Sephardic) recipe. Lin and I liked the new recipe, with added dates, raisins and sesame seeds as well as ginger. I loved it, I must say. Sister Lin (Linda I) brought over treats she had made, including a matzoh stuffing for the turkey, and chocolate covered matzos. This was definitely not from an old family recipe. With my son-in-law, Chris, who went to Biola University, daughter Eve, whose mother was a Catholic, daughter-in-law, Tammy, who was a Catholic, daughter-in-law, Jeanie who was raised as a Christian, we had a pretty broad representation. No Buddhists or Moslems, but then with 10 grandchildren, who knows what the future holds. My grandparents would never have envisioned the seder that occurred, but they would have echoed the sentiments about freedom and the gratitude for the opportunity to live in the United States in relative safety and in a community of good will. Perhaps, someday, we'll have gefilte fish and sashimi, side by side!

Watching the little grandchildren playing together and running through the house and building memories for the future was very gratifying. I wish that the children who weren't there could have been there.

It was a wonderful day, for a very lucky man. Eliyahu and the Pontiff did not show up, but then, again, I forgot to open the door.
Tags: family, gratitude, passover
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