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The Governor, Gay Marriage and the Phosphate Wars, and Spitfires!

The Gov never replied to my letter. My state senator, a Republican, or rather his staff, sent 2 letters of support, which reflected little understanding of what I was pushing for, but they were polite.

Hooray for Chief Justice Ron George, a Republican appointee, and 3 colleagues who voted to uphold the principle of equal rights for gays and to legitimize gay marriage in California. A lot of people were very happy!

And a lot of people are running around trying to change our constitution with initiative petitions. California looks to be true Blue! (and maybe a little lavender!)

No way can I get the phosphorus binder of choice for my patients from CalOptima without a patient launched fair hearing, and they are unlikely to understand the reason, and less likely to act, for a variety of reasons. I did have a nice dialogue with a physician bureaucrat who had read a good deal about the subject and simply disagreed, while choosing to save the state some money. I was impressed that he had read a number of articles on the subject. I will cease batting my head against the wall.

Today, sons, John, Geoff, Josh, and grandsons, Little Geoff, Jake, Myles and I are headed to Chino for the Planes of Fame Airshow I had CafePress make up 8 T-shirts with a Spitfire I over the left pocket, and the Spitfire II of the Battle of Britain Historical Flight on the back. Undoubtedly, pictures will follow. Tally Ho!

A PR Spitfire:

The Chino Hills Fire Department was strategically placed to prevent conflagrations. A MiG-15 appears peaking out from behind the fire truck:

Tags: health care, spitfires
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