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The Edge of Heaven

This is a memorable, touching film, that we saw last weekend. So beautifully written and acted that I recommend this movie without reservation. It is very sad and melancholy and reminds me that we reach out for contact to connect, and we miss, most of the time, squandering our opportunities for happiness, waiting to connect, and just missing.

This movie is in Turkish and German. Carina Chocano's Review in the Los Angeles Times

Another review, by Roger Ebert, ends with this: "Now if five, or four, of the characters found out how they were connected, what difference would that make? We are all connected, if only we could stand tall enough, see widely enough and understand adequately. Mere plot points are meaningless. Fatih Akin wants us to realize that, I believe, and he also wants us to understand his creatures, who are for the most part good people, have good intentions, make mistakes, suffer for their errors and try to soldier on, as do we all."

Ebert's review

I can tie this movie and how it made me feel to the feeling of estrangement from a child whom I love but whose conduct is insufferable, and the conscious choice to remain at a painful distance, rather than seek a connection that I crave. I feel the melancholy texture of this film.
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