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Conspiracy: First Annual Meeting of the Fresno County Hospital 1963 Internship Survivors

I know! The title is too damn long, but how do you compress the fact that way back in 1962 about 8 of us, all brand new graduates of USC's School of Medicine, before it became the Keck School when millions of dollars were exchanged for that honor, left Los Angeles for the hinterlands. Fresno had a recently constructed hospital that looked like heaven, after Los Angeles County Hospital, and where the size was more comfortable and the nursing staff seemed to have a more permanent connection to the community. We al had our reasons for going to Fresno. I guess that I hadn't given a lot f thought to places outside of California. I had a new wife, Sally (the First, though I had no idea that she would be the first of four wives, and the first of two Sallys.) I was a brand new doctor and suddenly, I was the one making certain key decisions, and undertaking a training period under residents and a medical director, and learning about what medicine would be as a career.

Well, they paid us $300/month, and that was good pay compared to LACH. That helped. And they had a tennis court on the hospital grounds. And a pool table in the doctor's lounge. And the hospital was air-conditioned. We had a swamp cooler on top of our one bedroom apartment which was half a block away from the hospital.

It was one hell of an adventure, and I remember the day I took off for the hospital for the first time as an intern, in my white intern smock with my name and an M.D. after it. I was a doctor.

Well, I've found a few of my classmates from USC and Fresno, whom I've stayed in touch with, but not seen anywhere near as much as I would have liked to, and I'm trying to recruit them for a 3 day vacation Elderhostel on Cape Cod. Two out of five e-mais have come back, but I have phone numbers, and I'm going to see if I can induce them for a get together that's long overdue.

We've been saying that we were going to do this, but we need a push. This is the push.

Elderhostel provides a perfect opportunity away from the distractions with enough free time to spend together catching up. Worth a try. Lin and I wil be going in any case.
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