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Medicine IS Awesome!

I feel inspired. I'm going to take the coward's way out and cross-post a comment that I posted in response to an inspiring entry by chocolate_jen who ends her entry, Medicine is awesome.

Well, it is, but that got me thinking, especially after I read another friend's entry on a nasty puffer fish encounter.

Of course, I'm trying to corral a few classmates for an an Elderhostel weekend, and I got my first reply, and it was a regret. That's the background, so here's the crosspost:

Okay, medicine is awesome! You think so? Can you get excited about sodium channels and Tetrodotoxin? I just got sidetracked on the way to trying to prevent the inevitable acute renal failure in a diabetic with dry gangrene in his foot, a creatinine of 4.0, and a vascular surgeon who wants to see what can be done about his circulation.

The Tetrodotoxin came from the report of a Thai lad who had an encounter with a puffer fish, as reported in a friend's blog link: Angry puffer fish goes nuts I followed Google through to this toxin, and then I tried to figure out Sodium Channels. Well, if you're an old codger with a medical foundation set in the Pleistocene, the cave drawings just don't describe sodium channels.

So, when you look at people, do you see sodium channels?

By the way, I dodged the entire weeks on the head and the neck, in gross anatomy, after being elbowed away by a classmate who would become a neurosurgeon. Another cadaver mate apparently disappeared from a promising academic gastroenterology career when he apparently had to register as a sex offender The fourth member of our illustrious team was thrown out of medical school when he was caught, during a test, with an open textbook in the mens' room. He was an elder in the Mormon church. He was later accepted by another medical school in the same town.

The above is all true, and not some "Doctor in the House" on mescaline. So look at where some of the class of 1962 have gone, and enjoy anatomy.... if you can. I couldn't! When I figured out secondary hyperaldosteronism I knew I had a home in the distal convoluted tubule.

Chocolate jen....you inspire me! I think back to what I missed and I live in constant fear that I'll get this official looking notice from the State of California or the University of Southern California, that after further examination and inquiry, a blue-ribbon panel has decided that my M.D. is being recalled. 'cause i skipped out on the head and the neck, and did sloppy episiotomy repairs, leaving the Hispanic male population of Fresno thinking they had erectile dysfunction. Oh, I'd better put this stuff in my own blog, 'cept it would create the wrong impression of our profession.

So, maybe this is why I have to get together with the other old vets and reassure myself that 40+ years of this healing stuff really did happen and just maybe, despite frequently ignored spouses and children who wish the'd had a real father, around and paying attention to them.... just maybe some good was done. Of course, I know it was and is, but it's a hell of a calling, and it feels nice to brush shoulders and tell war stories with the troops.
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