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Social Butterfly?

I'm in the process of trying to put together this reunion thing in Hyannis, MA, in October. It started with the limited view of getting a few friends together, some of the eight intrepid interns that sought shelter at Fresno County Hospital after four years at Los Angeles County Hospital and U.S.C. Well, I'm still trying to reach all of the eight, and I have regrets from Francine, Victor, Bob P. and Ted. No word or feedback from Willa, Julius or Bernie, and I clean forgot about the other Larry. The U.S.C Alumni Affairs office has been very helpful in ferreting contacts, and I haven't been discouraged by an ill-timed call to Francine on her mobile, in the middle of a Celebration of Life, for her mother. No contact in 10 or 15 years and I pick that time to call. (By the way, I'm peaking over the printer and left of the computer screen to watch a great Wimbledon match between Ivanovic and Dechy, now 9-8 in the third set! Great effort by Deschy, and superb English fans! Wow! 3 hours and 24 minutes before she went down.)

I caught Ted on the road en route to Banff and saying that he prefers ground travel to air, but would go for something in California. I appointed him head of the search committee for the California event.

I expanded the invitees to a few others, including Dan G., still busy practicing dermatology in the Tarzana area, Dick T., the youngest guy in our class, who is now living in Oceanside, and Dave K., first a pediatrician, then an allergist.... actually, first a rabbi. Dave is renowned for driving an old jalopy back and forth from school, with "Atomic Horseradish" emblazoned on the side, from his father's company.

I called Dick G. who lives in Wrightwood, and a year ahead of us at U.S.C. and at Fresno, he was the one mostly responsible for our coming to the Central Valley. He mentioned our great teacher, Roger L., so, I've got to reconsult with Don and get some further input.

I'm really a wallflower. Really, I am. I can't believe I'm doing this, but it's great to talk to your old gang, and maybe that's just the excuse.
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