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Bacevich: The New American Militarism

Probably the last entry for a coupe of weeks as I dive into "the first two weeks".... hanging breathlessly, aren't you?

I'm a Nation reader, but, like so much else, it's fitful. I also like Elderhostel. And I've had an interest in the military. It all comes together in this article from TomDispatch.com

Lin and I will be going to Cape Cod for 4 days in October, to listen to 12 authors, Bacevich, the most interesting to me, but the others should be most interesting. I've been trying to recruit my friends for the Elderhostel Cape Cod Program

What makes Bacevich so interesting to me is he is a conservative West Point graduate, whom, I believe, lost a son in Iraq, after he had written this book. He is a critic of militarism who is a product of traditional patriotism mixed with academia, and he is a Catholic. He's got a lot to teach me.
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