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Peaches! German Raiders, and Internet Friends

Must be three years ago that Bonnie Smith of Bonnie's Gardens, in the course of resuscitating our landscape, planted a peach tree in the area next to the garage where Laurie had planted a strange lemon tree and a stranger, meaner, thorned tree with pretty yellow flowers. This year the peach tree must have delivered about 30 small but wonderful peaches, and I'm enjoying my favorite fruit.

Polly's Pies is again making their Equal Fresh Peach, so that augments the peach offensive with professional results! Lin has cooked up her own version of a sugar free peach pie, and it, too, is wonderful.

Maybe just peach pie and frozen yogurt, from Golden Spoon.... the chocolate malt and peanut buttercup.

Summer self-indulgence. Sunflower are growing but only one with a flower and we're in the countdown to the Copenhagen cruise and just got the news that we've been upgraded 2 cabin levels! Eurodam, Holland America, to Norway, then to Kirkwall, in the Orkneys, at the tip of Scotland. And Edinburgh. And Newcastle.

Wilf Crutchley of 118 Squadron, RAF, whom we met at the 74 Squadron Reunion in March, was born nearby. I'll let him tell it:

"By the way when you dock in Newcastle, 8 or so miles south down the coast road is where I was born, a little mining village called Blackhall Rocks I lived there and the Colliery (Blackhall) until I was 7 years old.
We move here to Nuneaton during the BofB July '40. My Granny had a small hotel in Hartlepool but it was destroyed by a bomb during one of the few raids on the North East Coast they thought the bomber was on his way to another target but a fighter was chasing him so got rid of his load to lighten his aircraft to make a run for it.
She was in it at the time and I can remember her arriving at our house the next day covered in muck and her head swathed in bandages.
She regarded this as the final insult, as during the first world war, my Granddad was an engine driver, and was bringing his train into Hartlepool during a German naval bombardment of the port when a shell hit his engine blowing it up and him with it.
I spent 2 1/2 years at Fassberg with 118 from '51 to '53 and I really liked them. Funny world ain't it?"

Well, that got me going. Raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby

Of course the raid took me to Scapa Flow and right back to the Orkneys. A Spitfire in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, and I've been flying from one fascinating bit of history (to me, at least) to another, via internet friends.

'Wish I could get you'all together for some fresh peach pie and show you the sunflowers and lesser goldfinch and my protective mantis, if I could find him.
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