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Summer Book List, Visitors, and "The Big Bad Wolf"

I have been enjoying this home stretch of the month. Our friends from St. Simons, GA, Jayne, and daughter, Hannah, stayed with us from Tuesday through Sunday, and Lin rented a 4 wheel electric scooter to increase her mobility for the shopping mall odyssey. They went from one mall to another, largely window shopping, and encountering a large number of Asian visitors at the Newport Beach mall. I was delighted to hear that our guests were fans of English comedy so we watched a 1969 movie about a little Scottish boy who takes a body building course and grows up to be an Olympic hammer thrower. It was called Wee Geordie and featured Bill Travers and Allistair Sim. Charming.

Sunday, it was a trip to Rubys' and then the Ebell Club of Santa Ana, for The Big Bad Wolf with Jake and Jessica, and Geoff and Jeanie. Entertaining, even for the adults.

Doyle's War was particularly good, last night.... fifth series. This one on a murder at a psychiatric hospital, with wonderful twist and great acting. And I caught the second episode of Generation Kill. Terribly realistic, and a great followup to Bacevich's, The New American Militarism. I hope to summarize the last 10 points in the book, as they make so much sense His new book is due on August 5th, and Lin and I will be going to Cape Cod where he's one of 12 authors in an Elderhostel lecture program.

I managed to finish Kevin Phillips, "American Theocracy" He ends his 2006 book with a chapter on the battleground states, which looks like a primer to understanding the election.

And 2 books on aviation, Pisanos, "The Flying Greek," and Mac McCaig's, "From Fiji to Balkan Skies." Mac flew a ground attack Mustang in 249 Squadron, in the RAF Balkan Air Force, and was shot down twice in 1944, once getting rescued by Communist Greek partisans, and then ending up in the Adriatic, and in German hands. He was transported by truck, now at the receiving end of his mates' ground attacks, and barely escaping with his life. This is an antidote to the heroic tales of fighter conflict in the Battle of Britain. Mac's war was really hell! He was kind enough to answer an e-mail and recommended a book on 249 Squadron, the RAF's highest scoring WW II fighter squadron. I know of Mac via Wilf Crutchley of 118 Squadron, and John Freeborn was once the Wing Commander Flying of 286 Wing, which included 249 Squadron. I don't think John and Mac knew each other in Italy, with Wilf being the intermediary.

Steve Pisanos' book was just recently published, and is quite remarkable as his was quite an odyssey, from a teenager growing up near Athens, to a mariner on a mission to jump ship in America, to learn to fly. He is recruited into the RCAF by the Clayton Moore Commission, learns to fly in California for his primary training, then Canada, out of St. Johns (not Halifax) to Scotland and England, where he joins 71 (Eagle) Squadron, flying Spitfires. When 71 becomes 334 (USAF) he is called to London to become the first candidate for citizenry to have a ceremony overseas. He ends up crashing a Mustang in France and joining the French resistance.... now this is movie material, if there ever was a story. He now lives in San Diego, and I met him in the late 80's at a dinner in Tustin with a few surviving Eagles, including Jim Goodson and "Red" McColpin.

I purchased Maureen Dowd's, Are Men Necessary? and Howard Zinn's, The Twentieth Centuryto read between here and Copenhagen, Norway and Scotland, and back. I haven't done this much reading in a long, long time. Wonderful self-indulgence.
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