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Bon Voyage

After writing an e-mail to my dearest friend from grammar school and high school, I decided, in the interest of time, that this would be an appropriate Bon Voyage for my journal.... She had urged me to go pack.....

I did! I did pack, and I’m in this strange position of actually being ready, with almost nothing to worry about. We’re going to do 15 days in 3 suitcases, Lin’s red Swiss Army, my purple similarly sized case, and a plain licorice foldover with one suit, for the more formal nights, and 3 pair of trousers. Its the tee shirts that really tell the story.... Physicians for a National Health Plan, Billionaires for Bush, UCLA, and USC School of Medicine.

In a few hours, I see my last remaining hospital patient who has made a remarkable comeback from a cardiac arrest at the dialysis unit, and the following, anoxic encephalopathy, in which she was, to put it mildly, “not herself.” It was pitiful to watch her devoted husband and family hovering around the ICU as she vacillated between critical and worse, but there were momentary gains, and then a slip back farther and farther. She had a pneumonia, needed intubation, required a nasogastric feeding tube, and then yesterday, like a going away present, she greeted me appropriately, as though I had been away. Still running a temperature and still with now a gastrostomy, I’m telling myself that she is turning the corner.

Maybe, we’ll win one!

I go to SOS Clinic this morning, and on the way home, I return a great paperback to Amazon, beyond the return time, and hopefully for a replacement, as I love the book but I can’t abide the fact that the pages fall out as they are turned....very high quality pages in a paperback, but a binding that is more like the gummed paper on a Post It. They simply slip away....on a book that’s a keeper. "Wings on My Sleeve," by Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown, CBE, DSC, AFC, RN.

The exact same thing happened to the same book that I sent to Josh as a present. I am drafting a letter to Orion Publishing in London to see if I can get to the bottom of this, and an ESL gentleman, probably in India, has given me the Amazon blessing to send it back postage paid for a replacement, although his menu didn’t allow a replacement, 90 days later.
He offered me a 50% refund, which I flat out refused. I want the book, but a book that doesn’t self destruct. After a sustained wait in which I pictured this poor fellow, half way around the world, thumbing through the “what to do when the customer poses a sincere and misguided problem, and refuse the logical solution, and is not impolite or outrageous, but won’t give an inch”....entry in their playbook.

(I did hear promptly from Maggy, at Orion, as follows: Dear Laurence
I'm so sorry that this has happened. As I 'm sure you'll appreciate, there are occasionally printing errors that occur and although books are checked, faulty copies sometimes slip through the net. The best thing to do is to contact Amazon: legally your contract is with them (as they have your money) and, more importantly, you will be able to get a replacement copy straight away.
Maggy Park

Orion Publishing Group, Orion House, 5 Upper Saint Martin's Lane, London WC2H 9EA
Tel: 0207 520 4435 Fax: 020 7379 0673
Thus, this clearly beats the reflex time of CalOptima and Governor Arnold.

So, at 2:30, our airport transit will pick us up and we’ll end up in the Admiral’s Club, as Lin insisted on an upgrade to business class, and we bought the tickets long in advance, before the current escalation in fares.
To London and then a transfer to Copenhagen, and an overnight at the Copenhagen Plaza Hotel.....it will be Thursday, 6:30 PM when we land, and at 5:00 PM Friday, Holland America’s Eurodam departs for an overnight to Oslo, Norway.

I am taking Maureen Dowd’s, “Are Men Necessary?,” Howard Zinn’s, “The Twentieth Century,” and Andrew Bacevich’ book on Israel’s evolving military. All are paperbacks, but none have shed their pages. I’ve packed the laptop, and the Eurodam is practically on her maiden voyage, and we’ve been upgraded, so hopefully we’ll have cabin wi-fi, and I know the phone will not ring, and the pager is getting a much deserved rest.

Oh yeah, I need to figure out Danish and Norwegian money, and take American along, and prepare for dollar:Euro shock. Becky warned us not to buy anything, after last month’s trip to Stockholm. If we follow her advice, it will be a first.....

Oh, and lastly. My wonderful secretary, Alejandra, had a son, Aidan, by C-section, yesterday, at St. Joseph Hospital. She and Aidan are doing fine.

I will try to write and send (post) pictures.
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