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Arrival in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Plaza Hotel, Room 608
July 25, 2008 12:20 local

Arrived yesterday in a very smooth transit from LAX-LHR-CPH with the aid of Ambien 10 mg, h.s., and Business Class, American Airlines, and a quick hop via British Airways, Airbus 319, and a short trip via MB taxicab and a driver from Somalia. We’re right across from the train station and on the “Princess” floor of a classical old hotel with an elevator, an afterthought, in the center of a stairway.

We had a wonderful meal in the hotel restaurant. Foie gras, lox, and beef. No dessert. Wonderful Swedish sparkling water. I walked across the street to the train station and saw what I took to be the Metro. The building is very impressive, including a weathervane with an old steam engine. Tivoli Gardens is right across the street. We return to this hotel for 2 nights at the end of the cruise. We’ve made a friend in Christian, a bellman, who describes a previous job on Disney Cruises as close to enslavement. He gave us some useful information about tipping, which is included in the taxia fares, hotel charges and restaurants in Copenhagen.

Internet fees were $30/24 hours, so I restrained myself. I did forget to pre-register for the cruise via internet, so we’ll leave now for the Eurodam via taxi, and able to use our credit card. As the rates are in Danish Kroner, the bad news is difficult to translate, so I’ll make no effort. We’re relaxed, in a wonderful place with friendly people.
Tags: copenhagen, cruises, eurodam, vacation
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