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En Route to Vik and Flam - Day 4 of Cruise

Austerheimm, Maren
July 28, 2008 06:15 to Vik & Flam, Professor Justin Miller

When we departed from Oslo, we were in the Skagerrat. This is that part of the North Sea just off the south coast of Norway, which connects to the Kategatt, the passage through Denmark that is the outlet of the Baltic Sea. This was our day at sea as we passed south, west and finally northwest, past Bergen, the second largest city, and then turned east into Sognefjord, which is nearly 200 miles long.

On our day at sea, we went up to the Tamarind restaurant on Deck 11, and had a great dim sum luncheon, and returned at night for riistaffel, a Dutch-Indonesian treat with 9 dishes, in Tamarind style, served with the sound of a gong, and the arrival of 9 Indonesian ladies each carrying a separate dish, and placing it on an oversized dish. An extra charge of $20 per person, but so worth it!

After an interesting breakfast at the Rembrandt with Frank, an 80 year old Norwegian, a retired salesman, never married, who defines “dour,” and Donna, a widow from Green Valley, AZ, who had 2 adopted children, we found a chair on the upper promenade deck and listened to a really wonderful travel description by another Frank, who described the fjords, agriculture alongside the ship, and provided many interesting facts about the journey. Incidentally, both Frank and Donna were diabetics, he for 55 years, and he injected himself right at the table, undetected by me, but scrutinized by Lin. He was quite slender and looked fit. He weighed out his bread with a pocket scale and carefully rearranged his tableware. When they found out I was a physician, Donna told me her dosage of a sulfonyl urea.

On the deck, seeing an occasional waterfall and the mountains gradually increasing in height, we enjoyed hot chocolate and a Flam bun, just before Lin suggested that I walk around the deck to burn a fraction of the caloric excess that I’ve been storing. It seems that once around the deck is a third of a mile, so I recorded 3.5 laps….

Ending now for quick post…. To be continued.
Tags: eurodam, norway, vacation
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