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The Limits of Power - Andrew J. Bacevich

This very short book is one of the most enlightening, if discouraging, books that I've read, ever. I just finished the book, and I'm delighted that I will have the opportunity to meet this modest American hero at Cape Cod in October.

Last Friday, Bill Moyers Journal interviewed Bacevich and I recommend this as the most insightful examination of America's delusion, and its source....ourselves, indulging in a culture of profligacy like pigs in a feeding trough. Bacevich is a Jeremiah and his warnings are essential to understand and contemplate if one is to understand the real problems of seeking political solutions to the fix that we are putting our grandchildren in!

Do read this book and listen to this interview, for your grandchildren!
We just spent a fabulous 5 days with 2 of our 10 grandchildren and they returned to Northern California to meet their new dog, Cola, who flew in from Indiana.
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