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Wow! This is a feast. I can't take it all in. I lack Olympian endurance, and simply lack the time to watch what multiple TIVO's can save. So, I saw the U.S. women beat Japan last night and woke u to the news that Japan had come back to beat the seemingly impregnable U.S. team today. How tough it is to beat a decent team twice, for multiple reasons. I have to say that seeing the Japanese effort collapse last night, and seeing the Americans triumphant and the Japanese, after having played a great game, lose in an explosive final inning, and yet come back in their last at bat, only to fall short, I have to really hand it to them. What a great win. Wish I'd TIVO'd it!

And Becky Ammon playing for the Russians! One story after another. U.S. Women are really strong with defense and depth.

Bruin football coming, with really low expectations! The summer hibernation is truly over!
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