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Good morning, America – and boy, have we got some news for you. Remember our softball dream team? The one that was going to zip into Fengtai Stadium, leave the motor running, cinch the four-peat, wrap a few moo shu pancakes and bring home the gold? Uh-uh.

Remember this name: Yukiko Ueno. That’s the 26-year old righty that just hand delivered what has got to be one of the greatest upsets of the 2008 Olympics. And she did so having clocked, oh say, about 400 pitches in the last day and a half? That’s just an estimate, but whatever the final number is – kudos, congrats, and wow, Japan. That was an unbelievable show.

As for our incredible U.S.A. team – I imagine you’re going to be looking less than thrilled when you get those silver medals. But I say chins up – you guys absolutely killed this Olympics. Set new records. Played like your lives depended on it. Did not stop once – even for a second – to rest on your laurels.

And most importantly, my favorite part – you told the IOC where they could stick it. See you in 2016: www.savesoftball.com." from the New York Times' Cindy Price.

This photo by Amy Sancetta, AP: Yukiko Ueno on the right.
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