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Car Lust

With my car sitting in Vision Motorsports requiring a repair to an oil cooler that was delivering a growing smudge to the garage floor each time I parked it, and finally the engine clicking away when the key was turned instead of lighting up immediately, I am making do without a Porsche to kick around. I'm driving Lin's SC430 2002 Lexus, a lady's car if ever there was one. It's very comfortable unless one drives over a large insect with its run flat tires. The ride is very un-Lexus. The air-conditioner seems to be the antidote to global warming and my fingers on the steering wheel suffer from frostbite. But, it is no joy because it feels sluggish and unwieldy and not inviting to throw around.

So, I went down to take another look at a Mazdaspeed3. Great little car, and practical. But, do I really need a car that only faintly suggests the power of Torshia, my Porsche 911 Twin Turbo? Just as a spare car? $25,000 for a spare car?

So, check out Porsche! A new 911 coming with a wonderful twin clutch transmission that is said to be fast and smooth and even adaptable to non-shift driving....an attraction to Lin. But with less than 400 horsepower, and less torque, even if its more usable, it will be a pale substitute for Torshia, and nearly $90,000 fully optioned. The air conditioning should be better! No changes to the Cayman S (only 295 horsepower) or the Turbo (still less than Torshia, but far more usable with better torque, lower down.....$150,000, and still no double clutch transmission....for 2 years!)

I know you're all driven to tears. Poor guy! He's gotta keep driving that 13 year old (ever heard of a Bar Mitzvah for a car?) Porsche with 165,000 miles on the odometer, 13 miles to the gallon, and an oil drip!

So, could RUF help? They could, and I called them...gorgeous car! 400 horsepower. Superb handling! Gorgeous Italian modified body. I love it. One big problem. 200,000 Euros! Insanity!

So, could someone stuff a 3.8 engine into a Cayman and get it to behave reasonably, besides RUF?

I tried E-bay Jackpot. And the car was in Orange, and more beautiful than maybe almost any car I'd ever seen, but....but would it work as an every day streetable car? Not lowered as it is, and with $8,000 Boyd Cottington wheels that self-destruct when you drive over a pothole.
Supercharged engine is a giant questionmark, and the cost of getting it streetable begins to add up to $100,000. I would be buying a real fantasy, but with no idea if it would work on the street, in real life, and I can't roll the dice for this sum. But here is the Jane Russell/Marilyn Monroe/Jacqueline Bisset of cars, and just as unreachable!

Oh, and I must tell you that I marched down to Irvine Nissan and met a sales manager with the moniker, "Lucky" who seeing my Obama button, managed to tell me he was for McCain. The whole auto center looked like it was deserted! I had my check in hand to buy a Nissan GT-R new for $75,000, no questions asked. Only 2 in the county! "Lucky" added $32,000 to the price tag, and claimed he'd already sold 3 at that price. No deal!

So Lin and I met Salvatorre at the Chrysler dealer and test drove a very nice minivan with a $3,000 rebate! We loved it. But we returned home in our 2004 Sienna, and I drove the Lexus to work today, and I'll dream of the Jeanne Moreau/Sophia Loren/Kay Kendall of cars, and warmly embrace Torshia when I get her back, and Lin when she returns from Bunko with the girls!. I may even dream of a victory over BYU. Anything is possible....well, maybe I'll wait for the double clutch transmission to reach the Porsche Turbo in 2010, for a $175,000 74th birthday present. I can afford it. That's only 43,750 urinalyses! Maybe, one for each citizen of Tustin. Maybe I'll end up dreaming of another kind of dipstick, something I know too much about. Dream, or nightmare?
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