tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

A Very Few Words About the Bruins

BYU 59, UCLA 0. Well, they lost 103 to ? to someone in the very early days. I told everyone the win over Tennessee was a miracle of coaching, and the defense would have to win the rest of the games. They were sliced and diced in Provo, and the backboard made references to "building character."

There next opponent, Arizona, lost to New Mexico. Talk about a couple of lame teams limping in to a showdown for the cellar....

Then I watched my other team, the Trojans, play with precision and verve, and embarrass Ohio State. They look like the national champs. The Bruins get to play them in December. By then, the offensive line will be down to freshmen and we'll be out of tailbacks.

So, I put on my UCLA shirt....to build character! No one noticed!
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