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Sarah Palin - Scarey!

"She scares me," said Bess. "She's Jerry Falwell with a pretty face." So described by the Reverend
Howard Bess, who had a run in with Palin and the Evangelicals of Matanuska Valley. His book, "Pastor, I'm Gay," was one of the books that Palin attempted to ban from the library.

Does main stream America know what we're in store for if McCain should be elected and then die in office? She truly will make "W" look like the Enlightenment.

I do not like Republicans of this ilk, or any ilk, who would vote for the merging of church and state, and call it "Change!" They are incredible, even without Rove pulling the strings.

And how about the people rescuing the corporations and their investors. Not Goldman Sachs, amazingly, and their CEO who was paid $40 million dollars last year.... I wish it was all in stocks!
Tags: palin, politics
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