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Jerez Black/Bamboo Beige DMG M3 Sedan Coming From New Mexico

After a boiler room operation yesterday with Lin on one phone and me on another, and negotiation back and forth, and splitting the trucking fees from Arizona or New Mexico, we agreed to MSRP less 4.5% (incredible) and within a week we should be driving the M3. Today is 2 weeks out of the Porsche and into the Lexus SC430 and I'm salivating and pawing the carpets. I can't wait. The thrill of returning to a car with hair under its oil pan, flames exiting the exhaust pipe, is almost too much to contemplate.

Lin had the courage to ask for the 4.5% discount, and she deserves all the credit for the negotiation. She really deserves all the credit for allowing the BMW into the garage as she is really a Lexus girl.

I can't wait! Tonight, we will be celebrating Aunt Beverly's birthday with the Mortons. Friday, we'll be celebrating Dirk's birthday with Dirk and Cristy. Friday is probably too soon for the BMW to be delivered but who knows. Today, I should hear what Torshia's latest trip to Vision Motorsports will cost. It may shake Wall Street, again.

Oh, and this is great. One of my longstanding patients, who had previously received a kidney transplant from his mother, which failed after about 5 years, went into the hospital on Friday to receive a transplant from his brother, one of 11 siblings. He left the hospital on Monday with a creatinine <1.3 (normal for 2 working kidneys). This would be about 18 years after he presented at the emergency room with a creatinine of 18, brought in by his employer, a nursery owner who stayed around until we could stabilize him and make the plans for his first dialysis. He is now a citizen, employed, with a wife and 2 children, and is fluent in English. Hooray!

And in a month, we'll be going to a Korean wedding of the daughter of a patient who gave her father a kidney.

That's why I go to work every day! It's really a pleasure and a privilege, and it will be all the nicer in the Porsche or the BMW.
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