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10% Reduction in Physician Reimbursement for MediCal

Todd Spitzer (R) Assembly AD71

Continued 10% Medical M.D. reimbursement rate;

I'm 72 and I've practiced nephrology in Orange County for 41 years! I volunteer at 2 Free Clinics seeing patients with no insurance! I employ 2 secretary/aides in seeing a Spanish speaking population in my private office across from St. Joseph Hospital. About 50% of my private patients are either CalOptima or MSI (a very bad joke, by the way, that keeps the supervisors, like yourself, in compliance with providing for the indigent....by passing the burden to fools like myself, who think there is still room to think of medicine as a profession) I work 7 days a week. Obviously, its not to get rich, with the demographics of my practice. And now, the fucking Republicans, with their no more tax mantra, refuse to restore the 10%, balancing the budget on my back! I just hope you read this and have the courage to explain to me why I should continue my practice and deal with the bureaucracies who place one hurdle in front of another in the path to decent care. Are you proud of yourself?

Why don't you send one your aides to follow me on rounds and see what its like when you accept MediCal patients and provide services to indigent patients? By the way, my net income from my practice is ~ $125,000/year.
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