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Rick Meyerowitz and Sarah Palin

No, they weren't caught on a beach in Ibiza reviewing National Hockey League scouting reports! A friend sent me a fabulous caricature of Sarah, which I'd like to put in my blog, but I'm awaiting permission....from Rick....or those who handle his licensing.

The name was familiar, of course, and I've seen some of his previous work, but I've never focused on his creativity and humor. I guess the last 2 artists I did focus on, however briefly, were Boris Artzybasheff and Salvador Dali. And maybe Batman Comics. I am, obviously, no critic....of art. Health care, yeah! Republican greed.....yup.

But, here's a blog, that I didn't publish, with a picture of the caricature, and until I receive a cease and desist, I offer you this link to Annie's Day Maybe Annie will send one!

And, if you don't know Rick Meyerowitz, you should! I'll even forgive him for being a New Yorker, something a Chicagoan, who was married to a New Yorker, and formerly had a New Yorker as a partner in his medical practice, should have come to terms with long ago Certainly, it is the home of great creativity and achievement, if a little smug and self-satisfied. Meyerowitz laughs at its foibles and gets us to, but remains a true enthusiast. And who am I talk, anyway, surrounded by the Real Housewives of Orange County, and the ghosts of the John Birch Society, Richard Nixon and "Bomber Bob" Dornan.
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