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Garrison Keillor in Long Beach

Boy, he was funny. Such a great story teller. And driving the M3 to anywhere is a wonderful experience. We fell asleep, briefly, during his 2 hour monologue. Not his fault. Just my regular 9 PM bedtime. And I was thinking about the USC - Oregon State Beaver game that I missed. On the way home, I visited my one patient on overnight dialysis, as I'm never up after ten, if I can avoid it, and she runs 10 PM to 4 AM. Holy cow! Midnight rounds. Trying to get me to work an 18 hour day.

We had Lee barbecued pork sandwiches en route, and they are fabulous. Lin had spring rolls. The GPS got us there in time, and the iDrive computer on the M3 is slowly unraveling its mysteries More, later, as I enjoy the end of the month
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