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Amy Winehouse, Sarah Palin and Rick Meyerowitz' Caricature

Daughter, Becky, informs me that I really need to watch the Amy Winehouse - Rehab: Video to really appreciate the caricature. I will now plead guilty to being "culturally?" deprived. At least, the context is clear, and I appreciate Rick's work all the more.

Has there ever been such a cynical choice for the vice presidency? Well, then there was Dan Quail. Can you imagine a Quail-Palin ticket?

Rick was kind enough to permit me to include his caricature in my blog. Quoting his e-mail: Sure. Go ahead. The more people that see it the happier I'll be. It was created for just this purpose, to go VIRAL! As a retired (semi-, actually) Nephrologist, you seem the perfect person to help it along!

And please send me a link when you post it.

It ran a two weeks ago in the New York Times online blog called "Campaign Stops." This particular one was written by "Steven Heller." So far it's been around the world a bunch of times. Just yesterday a paper in Rio de Janiero asked to reprint it.

One more thing: You might find my website enjoyable. Their is some political art on that too and if anything there helps you spread the news - let me know.

Sarah Palin by Rick Meyerowitz

He was absolutely right. I loved his website, which I had previously linked in an earlier post. It is heartwarming, here in Orange County, to know that there are talented people all over the country who share the alarm that would be sounded by a McCain-Palin victory. Keep it up, Rick. I love your work!
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