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Hyannis - Cape Cod – Elderhostel 10-27-08

Hyannis - Cape Cod – Elderhostel 10-27-08

I got the day wrong, so we flew in to Boston one day early! Was that a break. Everything went as smooth as anyone could have wanted with a $117 drive into Los Angeles via Advantage Ground Transport, in a BMW 740! Greeted at the door by an attendant who had a wheelchair for Lin, and another who swept our pink and white spotted luggage through x-ray, and on the way to Boston. We were off in a Boeing 767, after a Burger King croisandwich, to a smooth ride and an arrival 25 minutes ahead of schedule! Lin was wheeled off by another attendant and we were curbside in quick order and boarded an Enterprise van where we were congratulated for having easily identified luggage. Then, stepping down off the van, there was a reception in the rental car place like nothing I've ever seen. At least 4 people waiting for us, offering us bottled water, looking after our luggage, escorting us up to the desk, where there was no line, and, after losing the battle to get us to upgrade to a Caliber (a really horrible vehicle that replaced the Neon), delivering a cherry red, Chevrolet Aveo and then loading in our luggage. What a really nice little car! Yeah, hard to believe, as it's the bottom of the Chevy line, and made in Korea, I think, but very comfortable with adequate power, fine air conditioning and everything manual! Except the transmission! Nice steering, nice ride, acceptable handling.
I attached our Garmin GPS, found that the little box knew we were in Massachusetts, entered the address and we were off. Smooth as silk! No need to race, we just listened to the voice and tried to stay out of everyone's way. The GPS was fabulous....until we entered some long tunnel. Well, there was no way to turn off, so I assumed that the directions immediately before going subterranean were correct, and they were.

The day was gorgeous! The temperture about 60 or 65 and the air clear. The foliage is gorgeous. One flash of red or orange or yellow after another, and so different from the Southern California desert. About 75 miles later, without a wrong turn, we arrived at the Cape Codder and checked in to a very nice and very large room with WiFi. They brought us a mini-refrigerator almost before we could open our luggage.

We had dinner at a great restaurant called "Not Your Average Joe's." Wonderful! Lin had crabcakes and I had clam chowder, followed by wonderful salads, and accompanied by pinot noir (Steelhead?) from Lake County, CA. We retired to a comfortable bed. All that was missing was a timer on the TV set.

We didn't get out of bed until after 9 AM, and then it was off to Persy's Restaurant on Main Street in Hyannis. Again, fabulous. A huge breakfast and lunch menu! A well-done English muffin with sausage, egg and cheddar and jack cheese for Lin, and a well-done bagel with egg, smoked turkey, swiss cheese and cranberry sauce for me, and after coffee we split a coffee-mocha drink. Then it was down to Hyannis Harbor and the ferryboat landing, and then a ride up golden, orange and red shaded roads to a sports car museum guarded by about 10 welcome cats! It's called the Toad Hall Museum, and just about all the cars are red. Many pictures taken.

Then back down to Main Street and a stop across from the Obama Campaign Office for Columbo's, coffee and a split piece of chocolate ricotta pie.

And now, off to our first banquet dinner with Elderhostel, and a keynote address by Andrew Bacevich. Incidentally, he had a Los Angeles Times opinion piece on "The End of American Triumphalism," which was in the Times laying in our driveway....the one that we had asked to be held for vacation.

We are having the time of our lives!
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