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Barack Hussein Obama

The Obama banner is back on the Porsche and I'm wearing my Barack Obama (in Hebrew) button. In 50 years, they'll be saying, "Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Obama," in the same sentence, and with the reverence deserved for legends.

As a near-raving Liberal, I'm not going to be happy with many of the compromises that Obama will make with the Left-Liberal agenda, but my little camp didn't get a mandate. We, Americans, got an extremely intelligent, clever, politician, an idealist, still, but with the sense to grasp the doable, and the ability through oratory and demeanor, to bring disparate polarities together, beneath the banner of America. It won't be easy, of course, or smooth, but we have a Captain, at last. So, in the shadow of Lincoln, this native of Illinois, this bearded fogey, not with stovepipe hat, but with pot bellied similarity to the stove, nonetheless, forecasts a time of American renewal and pride.... humility, reality, hard work.... a return to hope, and a path to change.
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