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An Aston Martin Weekend - Bond Avoids Cinderella's Fate

A dear friend of ours, a cancer survivor, desirous of showing her appreciation to the hospital where she received successful treatment, placed a bid in an auction for an “Aston Martin Weekend.” This consisted of access to a new Aston Martin Vantage V-8 Roadster, champagne, a picnic basket, $250 worth of fuel, hotel reservations and a dinner. When she was the surprise winner, she was delighted with everything, but had no desire to actually drive the car. Knowing of my interest in cars, she bestowed this honor upon me, so Friday, as the rain clouds gathered, Lin drove me down to Bauer Aston Martin and Rover Automobiles, in Newport Beach, and I claimed her prize, to be returned on Monday morning. It mattered not that we had a deluge and the automated roof mechanism got a lot of exercise, as I drove on rounds, covering at least 300 miles, and visiting every patient I could find in every clinic and hospital, delighting nurses and technicians, and generally beating up the neighborhood. Fortunately, law enforcement was lax, and the car was a stalwart weapon in my hands, as I relived my James Bond fantasies, ripping through the gears, and acknowledging several waves of greeting.

I managed to get the Aston back to Bauer Motors as the clock struck eleven, yesterday, Monday, and avoided the ignominy of the Aston turning into an Austin....or so goes my nightmare.

I had to record the once in a lifetime experience of a stable of fine cars in front of my garage. It wasn’t too shabby returning to the choice of a Porsche Turbo, albeit a 1996 model with 165,000 miles on the odometer, or our new BMW M3 sedan.
<"http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y115/tinkll1/Aston%20Martin%20Weekend/" />
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