tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Kona, Hawaii with the Bjurstens

We arrived last Sunday, and we leave tomorrow. Another wonderful week in our timeshare condominium. Becky, Peter, Haley and Zachary are in a 2 bedroom in the building next door to us. We have breakfast together and we've had daily games of charades and Professor Noggin's Wildlife of North America, and The Human Body. So, I was a Zoology Major, and Anatomy was not my best class, and the grandkids make me answer the hard questions. Fierce competition.

We've enjoyed our Kanichi Pacific sushi, the local Farmers' Market and reading books. Of course I watched all the basketball I could. A miserable day today, with the Cougars beating the Bruins, and the Huskies beating the Trojans. But, good basketball.

Tomorrow in a scene from Casablanca, Lin leaves for Kona and 5 days with the O'Keefes, and I return to work and basketball. On Friday, Lin and I meet in Kona for a week at the Mauna Kea, and the USC Internal Medicine course.

My photo album is on .Mac
Tags: bjurstens, hawaii
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