tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Photos of the Mansion and Lucky Guests

A picture is worth a thousand words, and here we are, before dinner. The bed had an enormous canopy. The view through the window was of the columns and fountain. We were given the Jean Lafitte Room, the place of honor. It was huge, and you have no idea of the size of the bed. Phil had to resize the bed to accommodate a modern mattress. The ceiling in the room was extremely high. The bed had a comfy down quilt. After the wine tasting, and the dinner, we slipped into this beautiful bed. That's all folks! Well, that's all your going to hear!





I'm hopeful, time permitting, to show you the wine cellar, the harpist and the guests. But, later today, Lin and I fly to San Francisco where I'll be attending an advisory board meeting for a pharmaceutical company's new phosphate binder. Continuing the unreality of this month, we will be met at the airport by a chauffeured limousine and taken to the Four Seasons Hotel, with an introductory dinner tonight, and a full day of meeting tomorrow, followed by a chauffeured trip to the Larkspur Ferry, where we will be met by daughter, Becky, and settle into grandparenthood, again. It's son-in-law, Peter's birthday, and Lin and I will babysit Haley and Zachary, before taking off Sunday morning for home. And more photos to process, sunflowers to transplant, etc.
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