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Black History Month

I was watching HBO today, from a beautiful hotel in Hawaii, and it occurred to me that the very sensitive programs I was watching on integrating football, and then, on a black perspective, from an artist who is a black woman, and responds to stereotypes, and then gets asked…. “Why are you so angry?”

And I see the man that I picked out so early in his career, a Chicagoan of sorts, as President of our country, and, yes, he is black, but so much more….

And what we seek, as human beings, is so much more than stereotypes.

I’d be interested in whether you’ve seen the programs on HBO, and how they strike you…. How the USC vs Alabama game in the early ‘70’s, was said, only half jokingly, to have done more for integration, than Martin Luther King.

Maybe, its because I’m Jewish, and my people have known the pain of discrimination that I have always felt so outraged by the behavior of so called civilized nations…. And it continues... in the disproortion of our response to Darfur.
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