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Handshake of Torgau

What better way, than on Iran's election day, to contemplate this photo. I'm indebted to soldierandapoet in ww2_photographs Here is the "Handshake at Torgau." from his entry. As I stumble with cuts and inserts, I found it easier to delete my entry, on WW2 Photographs, and re-publish the entry in my own LJ.
I found this entry on LJ, Handshake of Torgau, and this led me to Time Magazine, and eventually to UCLA's Neurological Science page, and an address for the former Lieutenant Robertson, later, Dr. Robertson.
I've found the article referred to above in Time, 1985.

WILLIAM D. ROBERTSON, M.D. (1961) 5102 COPPERFIELD LANE CULVER CITY, CA 90230-7501 in UCLA , Residency and Fellowships.

So I gather, that this very man, was, in 1985, a practicing neurosurgeon in Southern California, and had trained at UCLA, where I did part of my Nephrology Fellowship in 1967. I'll try to contact Dr. Robertson, if he's still alive. (6/18/2009: Looking for more information, I came across this, from a website of the 69th Infantry Division, a photo of Lt. William D. Robertson's patrol. thus, I'll not write the promised letter, sadly. I will see if I can learn more about him, perhaps some contact with a relative or friend, or the 69th's historian, if any.)

And, it appears he was sufficiently interested in peace to participate in the re-enactment in 1985. So, I would value his reaction to our more recent conflicts, or threatened conflicts.
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