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Porsche Dreaming

The tachometer says 168,000+ miles, and 3,000 miles don't show. IIt was delivered in September 1995, as a 1996 911 Turbo. It had a major engine rebuild at 107,000 miles, and it runs like a charm. A very expensive, not very economical, charm. I love it. But that doesn't stop me from wondering about the Cayman S or the GT-3, or, very briefly, the new Panamera. Here is Dan Neil's write up in the Los Angeles Times.

He is my very favorite automotive writer. I love his style, and generally agree with everything he writes. He describes the Panamera handling as "compared with a 911, this thing handles like well-upholstere field artillery."

In fact, because I love my car, named "Torshia" for her 519 foot/pounds, and don't have a spare $200,000 to convert a Cayman S into a RUF or RUF like version, I will be driving my 1996 forever. That isn't really an idle threat as my 1969 911S is now owned by my son, John, so it has had only 2 owners in its life. It was modified, as well, and was a really great machine, in its day. Forget the miles/gallon, and the upkeep. It's in the family.
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