tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Wimbledon: Great Semi-Final

I took the afternoon off, yesterday It's 4th of July weekend, and I didn't feel like making the usual 100 mile circuit, with the increasing afternoon traffic, and at least 2 patients not coming for treatment. Lin and I watched the match between Roddick and Murray. It was a great match, and I admit to being torn. Roddick prevailed, deservedly, but Murray, seeded 3, played very well, and carried the burden of the British hope of a first Wimbledon finalist since 1938. I was rooting for who ever played best, and it turned out to be America's Andy, and I won't hold it against him that he is from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Murray will be in the thick of it for years to come, but this may be Roddick's last best chance. As much as I like Federer, I'll be rooting for Roddick on Sunday. There really is nothing like Wimbledon. I'd have loved to see a Britain, and a Scot, at that, win Wimbledon this year, but with Roddick having a near hopeless record against Federer, I'll have my underdog. It would be a great win for Roddick. Murray will be back.

Happy July 4th! I have to go to work!
Tags: tennis
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